I was born in Helsingør, Denmark on a cold winter day in 1973. 

I grew up surrounded by forrest and the sea,

As long as I can remember, I've been a creative person. At the age of 16 I attended a acrylic painting workshop, which changed my life. Suddenly,

I understood that the reason why I felt like an outsider was that I until that moment had not found the right way to express myself.

Throughout the years I have attended different art schools in Denmark and exhibited my work all around Europe, but it was not until 2015 when I lost my job as a teacher, I realized that I needed to make art my full time career.

And here I am.

having my own studio/gallery, working every day with what i love, experimenting and creating.

i get inspired and Ideas grow - like a collection of clear images they are hidden in my subconscious.

I work without sketches - when i start a painting, i know exactly what to do.

I can not explain it - it just happens like that - partly consciously, partly unconsciously.

My art is my language - it helps me explain what I can not put into words.

I'm a danish artist living in Switzerland and abstract art is my native language.