This series is my 'photo'album of the summer 2018.

all of my memories from a fantastic summer made as small paintings on paper.




with the magnolia series i attempt to visualize the feeling i get moving from winter to spring.

all of this energy that comes out of nowhere. i get a bit of sun and all of a sudden i feel like i can conquer the world as a beautiful femme fatale.

the best way to describe this feeling is to look at the magnolia trees when thy bloom. to me how they look is exactly how i feel.



when i was a child i spend almost every holiday in småland (sweden)... the magic of the forest there made a hugh impact on me, and ever since then the forest is where i feel most at home...

this series of paintings was inspired by the experiences i had, and the feelings i still have when i am in the forrest.


i love trees and their diversity.

to me every tree tells a story and that is what i try to show with this series of black and white paintings/drawings called trees.




the aspects of nature series was made in collaboration with the german photographer Florian fahlenbock. it is my interpretation of his fantastic photos... the calm and quit feeling i have when i look at them, and the many stories they tell, inspires me..

10 artists were selected to design a barrel.

they were exhibited in the region of Aix-en-provence (france).

The sales of the barrels were spendt on school supplies for a disadvantaged school in the Dominican Republic.