What matters are the experiences that make life rich. The little things, big experiments, love and adventure.

All this creates stories with strange existences inside me and comes out in the form of colourful paintings or adventurous drawings -


Born in Helsingør (Denmark) 1973.

Got fascinated of acryl painting at a workshop at age of 16.


In the early 90ies at Art School Thorstedlund, Agnes was introduced to the COBRA movement. The colors, shapes and the experimental approach inspired her.


1995 – 1997 Art School Copenhagen.

Meeting Jeff Ibbo made her realize that she had to free her mind and let her self-control go to find her own expression.


In 2014 the co-work between the two artists Agnes Skipper & Joachim B. Thönen (Swiss musician) started. They both needed a space to combine different kinds of art in a free environment and the idea of Numas Igra immerged.

Numas Igra is not only a gallery where artists of any kind exhibit. It’s a creative workshop where everyone can share ideas, be part of happenings, exhibitions, concerts, poetry-slam...

A place where the only limit is your imagination!



2015 she became a member of TIA (Trevisan International Art).


Represented by Gallery Bluelight, Halmstad (Sweden) since 2016.