Born in Helsingør (Denmark) 1973.

Got fascinated of acryl painting at a workshop at age of 16.


In the early 90ies at Art School Thorstedlund, Agnes was introduced to the COBRA movement. The colors, shapes and the experimental approach inspired her.


1995 – 1997 Art School Copenhagen.

Meeting Jeff Ibbo made her realize that she had to free her mind and let her self-control go to find her own expression.















In 2014 the co-work between the two artists Agnes Skipper & Joachim B. Thönen (Swiss musician) started. They both needed a space to combine different kinds of art in a free environment and the idea of Numas Igra immerged.

Numas Igra is not only a gallery where artists of any kind exhibit. It’s a creative workshop where everyone can share ideas, be part of happenings, exhibitions, concerts, poetry-slam...

A place where the only limit is your imagination!









2015 she became a member of TIA (Trevisan International Art).


Represented by Gallery Bluelight, Halmstad (Sweden) since 2016.